B & B Off Road are now stocking Givi Bags and top boxes. Perfect addition to any rack or luggage plate. Here at B&B Off Road Engineering, we know you’re the adventurous type! So we’ve got you covered; we have everything you might need for your next adventure — no matter where it might take you. If you’re looking for top boxes for motorcycles, you can count on us!

We also stock a great collection of luggage plates that are designed to work with Givi Bags & Top Boxes. Whether you are shopping by bike, you can, among many other parts, find both plates and top boxes in our offering. Do you also need a mounting kit? We have that too.

B&B is the one-stop-shop for all your adventure-ready equipment. Once you get one of the top boxes for bikes from our collection, you can enjoy your road trip, knowing that you have everything you need with you.

Our collection includes top boxes in a range of different shapes and sizes. They range from 18-litre backpacks to huge 58-litre cases. Whatever your space needs are, we can find a top box to match your needs. On top of that, all the luggage equipment is waterproof. No matter the weather, you can rest assured that all the goods you’ve packed are safely stored.

In case you need to carry tools on your adventure, we also offer a bag specially designed for those purposes.

We stock all the motorcycle accessories you might need. With the wide range of bike products in our inventory, we are confident that you can easily make your pick. In case you need any help, you feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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Givi 22 Litre Sports -T bag

SKU: ST607

In stock

$ 207.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  ST607

GIVI Crash Bars- TENERE 700 2022-2023

SKU: TN2158

Out of stock

$ 439.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  TN2158

Givi E173 Backrest For Outback 42L Top Case(OBK42A/B)

SKU: E173

Available on backorder

$ 109.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  E173

Givi Gravel T Range -Soft Tool Bag


Out of stock

$ 51.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  GRT707



In stock

$ 1,048.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  GRT709

Givi Trekker Outback Case


Available on backorder

From $ 712.95 AUD$ 765.95 AUD Incl. GST


Givi Trekker Outback Case -Black Line


Available on backorder

From $ 891.95 AUD$ 943.95 AUD Incl. GST


Givi Z2309R & Z2710 3 point mount kit

SKU: Z2309R & Z2710-1

Out of stock

$ 48.40 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  Z2309R & Z2710-1