Radiators are one of the most crucial components for your bike — as the main cooling system on board, it’s essential for keeping your bike running. However, it’s often susceptible to damage due to its location on the bike. Positioned behind the front fender and in between the side shrouds, it’s in a vulnerable spot for such an important piece of equipment. And even without the risk of damage, it’s a delicate component of your dirt bike; if it fails and causes overheating, it can create serious problems and damage, some of which can be potentially a risk to your safety as a rider and could possibly leave you stranded if you’re out on the trails.

If you’re a dirt bike rider, you should be very aware of just how important the radiator  component is to ensure you have a safe ride and make it home. It’s no surprise then, that one of the most common aftermarket investments for riders is a motorcycle radiator protector. A high-quality protector will offer additional coverage, support and rigidity for your dirt bike’s radiator, rendering it less susceptible to damage while also helping it keep cool and preventing overheating. Effective dirt bike radiator guards will also help keep the radiator ridged and more protected in case you drop the bike.

Prevention is always better than a cure, so investing in a good motorcycle radiator protector can also help you save money in the long run. The cost of replacing a radiator — or even the bike itself — can be far more expensive than simply investing in protective gear. So keep your bike safe by investing in effective radiator protection from B&B Offroad Engineering. We stock some of the best dirt bike radiator ghttps://bboffroad.com.au/contactuards in the country, as well as online oil cooler guards to ensure the longevity of your bike and your safety while you ride. Get in touch with B&B Offroad Engineering today for all of your radiator protection needs.

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Radiator Guard – Honda CRF300 RALLY

SKU: H38-19.

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SKU:  H38-19.

Radiator Guard – Honda CRF300L

SKU: H39-19

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SKU:  H39-19

Radiator Guards – Suzuki DRZ400E & Kawasaki KLX400

SKU: K3-S5-19

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$ 273.90 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  K3-S5-19

Radiator Guards – Yamaha WR450F 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

SKU: Y17-19

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From $ 273.90 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  Y17-19

Radiator Guard – Kawasaki KLX250 2014-2023

SKU: K2-19

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From $ 273.90 AUD$ 318.90 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  K2-19

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Radiator Guard – Husqvarna 701

SKU: HU16-19

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From $ 302.50 AUD$ 346.50 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  HU16-19