Predator Series Pipe Guard is built to offer maximum performance and rigidity. No modifications required. All fixings and mountings supplied. Bolt it on a go!

Your dirt bike is built to be tough and withstand the rigours of offroad riding. But that doesn’t mean it’s totally bulletproof either! As bike owners (and some of us 2-stroke bike owners), we all know the importance of protecting that 2-stroke expansion chamber, to keep it both looking great and operating at peak performance.

But one often overlooked protection accessory for your 2-stroke bike is a solid dirt bike exhaust pipe guard. Even small rocks and debris can end up causing big problems for your exhaust (power pipe) and header pipes if something goes amiss  — and if you’re riding a dirt bike, dealing with dents in your expansion pipe isn’t something that can just be avoided by riding carefully.

Even more importantly, dented exhaust pipes aren’t just an aesthetic issue — they can impact the performance of your bike itself, due to changing the flow characteristics of the exhaust space. So if you’re an off-road or trail rider, a dirt bike pipe guard should be an essential part of your kit.

The pipe guard wraps around the pipe itself, the pipe guard is mounted to the frame of the bike meaning the shock is absorbed through the frame, preventing damage to the pipe and helping ensure that it will last for longer. Many models of dirt bike pipe guard also pull double duty, functioning as heat shields or bash plates, adding an additional layer of protection to both you and the bike as you ride.

Given the expense involved in replacing damaged or bent exhaust pipes, it makes sense to invest in protection for your vehicle. Here at B&B Offroad Engineering, we stock a broad range of aluminium pipe guards, bash plates and heat shields, to keep both you and your bike safe while you’re tearing it up offroad. Get in touch with B&B Offroad Engineering today for all of your pipe guard needs.

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Pipe Guard – Bash Plate – Radiator guard combo – KTM 250/300 EXC & Husky TE250/300 2020-2023


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Pipe Guard – Bash plate – SHERCO 250/300 SE 2019-2023


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Pipe Guard – Bash plate-KTM 250/300 2st & Husky TE250/300 2st 2017-2019


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$ 466.00 AUD Incl. GST


Pipe Guard – Bash plate – GAS GAS 250/300 2024 – PRE ORDER

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Pipe Guard – Bash plate-KTM 250/300 2 STROKE 2017 2018 2019 -FITTING FMF FATTY PIPE


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From $ 451.00 AUD$ 466.00 AUD Incl. GST


Pipe Guard – Bash plate – BETA – 300 RR 2 STROKE 2017


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$ 506.00 AUD Incl. GST


Pipe Guard – Bash plate – BETA – 300 RR 2 STROKE 2018


In stock

From $ 506.00 AUD Incl. GST