B&B Off Road is an official stockist of Steg Pegz, the racing tried-and-tested giving the rider ultimate control of their dirt bike.

Known around the world as the original, innovative concept allowing a rider to use their legs for motorbike control and reduce reliance on arm strength. The simple yet effective idea is described perfectly, directly from the team at Steg: “Unmatched in off-road motorcycle control, the Steg Pegz allow you to grip and control with your legs not just your arms! Immense control reducing arm pump & fatigue.” 

Used by professional off-road teams and weekend trail riders alike, Steg Pegz are lightweight, adjustable and easy to fit on any dirt bike – Shop By Brand or Shop By Bike to browse our range of Steg Pegz.

Steg Pegz are built to last, developed and manufactured right here in Australia. The main feature of the Steg Pegz is the rubber “peg”, designed to grip the calf area of your boot. Constructed as a unique, revolutionary way to greatly reduce arm pump & fatigue using a patented, innovative design, utilising rubber has a significant advantage in offering excellent grip while not getting in a way by maintaining a low profile. Steg Pegz are uniquely designed for maneuverability, allowing the rider to shift their weight and move about on the motorbike when required. Make the toughest trails and tracks look easy with effortless, added grip and unmatched control using your legs. Take on all types of terrain faster and with more control than you could ever imagine, shaving seconds off your lap times. StegPegz are made to fit all types of brands and models, so Contact Us if you can’t find a product to match as our experienced, friendly team are here to help.

B&B Off Road is your one-stop-shop for all your dirt bike accessory needs. Shop By Product through our wide range of motorbike parts online for brands like BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM and more to upgrade your standard motorbike and turn it into an off-road trail-thrasher. With hundreds of five-star reviews, it’s no surprise that B&B Off Road is one of Australia’s most trusted,  online motorbike and dirt bike accessory stores.

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