We are a team of passionate riding enthusiasts, it is our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality dirt bike aftermarket accessories on the market. This is why it’s no surprise that B&B Offroad Engineering designs and manufactures a wide range of aftermarket Yamaha bike accessories.

Raise the bar with globally recognised  aftermarket Yamaha parts and accessories
Yamaha is one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturing brands, and is renowned for its passion and innovation when it comes to all things motorbike-related. At B&B Offroad Engineering we only want you to upgrade your bike with the best aftermarket Yamaha motorcycle parts, it’s never been easier.
Must-have dirt bike accessories for every rider
Whether you’re a competitive motocross rider, enduro rider or enjoy a weekend on the trails, our aftermarket Yamaha dirt bike accessories will take your rides to the next level. From protective radiator, hose and frame guards to premium skid and bash plates, we stock all the Yamaha essentials to keep your dirt bike in pristine condition.

Our collection of aftermarket Yamaha motorcycle parts includes those for a range of bike models. Whether you ride a Banshee quad bike, a YFZ450R advanced ATR or a DT230 2-stroke, we have you covered. Upgrade and revitalise your dirt bike today when you add B&B Offroad Engineering aftermarket accessories and parts to your Yamaha bike.
Shop for Yamaha motorcycle parts in Australia
Ordering bike parts and accessories from B&B Offroad Engineering means you can be sure that your products are of the highest quality. Our team of dedicated bike enthusiasts is committed to manufacturing and stocking only the best local and international brands in the industry. If you’re interested in aftermarket Yamaha parts, our in-house products, we will have what you need.

For more information or advice on our aftermarket Yamaha motorcycle parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 5335 8000 or fill out our online enquiry form. Our friendly team would be happy to help you.

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A Arm Guards – YXZ1000

SKU: A-Arm Guards - Front

Available on backorder

$220.00 Incl. GST

SKU:  A-Arm Guards - Front

A Arm Plates – Yamaha banshee

SKU: YQ5-21

In stock

$149.60 Incl. GST

SKU:  YQ5-21

A Arm Plates – Yamaha RAPTOR 660

SKU: YQ6-21

In stock

$149.60 Incl. GST

SKU:  YQ6-21

A Arm Plates – Yamaha YFZ450 & RAPTOR 700

SKU: YQ7-8-21

In stock

$169.40 Incl. GST

SKU:  YQ7-8-21

A Arm Plates – Yamaha YFZ450R 09-22

SKU: YQ9-21

In stock

$169.40 Incl. GST

SKU:  YQ9-21

Aluminium Roof – YXZ1000

SKU: Roof-G2-yxz1000

Available on backorder

$350.00 Incl. GST

SKU:  Roof-G2-yxz1000

Black PPA

Bash Plate – WR250F 15-19, YZ250FX 15-18, WR450F 16-18, YZ450FX 16-18

SKU: Y39-1

In stock

From $240.00$260.00 Incl. GST

SKU:  Y39-1

Black PC

Bash Plate – WR450F 2019-2023 & WR250F 2020-2023

SKU: Y41-1

In stock

From $240.00$300.00 Incl. GST

SKU:  Y41-1