Passion, deep technical knowledge and high-quality materials has led a small factory in Italy to become the leader in motorcycle accessories today. Givi has established itself as a backbone in the world of innovative bike storage solutions for both on- and off-road products. If you are looking for high performing, stylish products for your motorcycle, look no further than our range of Givi bike accessories.

Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists
After several seasons as a famous MotoGP pilot, Giuseppe Visenzi decided to retire from his racing career to produce his own range of motorcycle accessories. With his first-hand experience and incredible passion for motorcycles, Givi quickly rose to international fame. Focused on addressing the needs of every rider, Givi accessories are crafted from cutting-edge materials such as techno-polymer and composite techno-fibre. From tool bags to top cases, t-bags and backpacks, every Givi bag in our range is made to perfection.
Italian quality motorcycle accessories
If there’s one weakness that every motorcycle has, it’s a lack of storage. Being limited to only two wheels means there isn’t much room for your valuables. Whether a cross-country trip or a trip to your local cafe, a good motorcycle bag and storage accessories are imperative.

Mastering the delicate balance between functionality and design, Givi bike accessories give riders critical practicality, so they can fully enjoy every journey. Whether you’re storing your helmet in a high-tech lockable top case or packing the essentials for a weekend away in a fully waterproof, comfortable backpack, Givi offers a range of styles and sizes to suit your biking needs.
Your #1 supplier of Givi in Australia
As a trusted supplier of prestigious motorcycle accessories in Australia, we stock a wide range of Givi bike accessories including their signature bags, cases, crash bars and mounting kits. Order online today to receive your products as soon as possible.

For more information about our Givi range or other premium motorcycle accessories, please contact us via our enquiry form online or call us on 03 5335 8000 to speak to our competent team of biking enthusiasts.

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Givi Z2309R & Z2710 3 point mount kit

SKU: Z2309R & Z2710-1

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$ 48.40 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  Z2309R & Z2710-1

GIVI Crash Bars- TENERE 700 2020-2021

SKU: TN2145

Available on backorder

$ 376.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  TN2145

Givi 22 Litre Sports -T bag

SKU: ST607

In stock

$ 207.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  ST607

GIVI Crash Bars- TENERE 700 2022-2023

SKU: TN2158

In stock

$ 439.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  TN2158

Givi Trekker Outback Case


Available on backorder

From $ 712.95 AUD$ 765.95 AUD Incl. GST


Givi Trekker Outback Case -Black Line


Available on backorder

From $ 765.95 AUD$ 943.95 AUD Incl. GST




In stock

$ 1,048.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  GRT709

Givi Gravel T Range -Soft Tool Bag


Out of stock

$ 51.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  GRT707