CLICKnRIDE are universal LED turn signals for off-road and enduro dirt bikes. With our innovative click-release system, riders can simply and instantly remove their turn signals when off-road and protect them from being broken off in a fall, a swipe of a tree or other obstacles. CLICKnRIDE solve motorcycle rider’s top 3 concerns – broken indicators when riding trails or tracks, keeping safe when back on the road and complying with local rules.

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CLICKnRIDE Indicator 2 Set Kit

SKU: 4202-1.

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SKU:  4202-1.

Light (Rear Left / Front Right)

SKU: 4205-L-1

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SKU:  4205-L-1

Light (Rear Right / Front Left)

SKU: 4205-R-1

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SKU:  4205-R-1

CLICKnRIDE Indicator 4 Set Kit

SKU: 4204-1

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SKU:  4204-1

CLICKnRIDE Indicator Resistors (Pair)

SKU: 4207

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SKU:  4207

Replacement Socket

SKU: 4206-1

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$ 24.95 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  4206-1