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What is PPA Coating

Plascoat PPA 571 will outlast most if not all traditional powder coating. PPA coating will provide long-term protection for metal against demanding climates.Plascoat is among the most versatile and durable coatings available in today’s market. It has superior resistance to salt, sea, sand and sun

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Please Note- The finish of the PPA coating has an orange peel look to it.

Common Question

What is a pannier rack?
Panniers racks are a bike-specific frame that is designed for the rider who needs to carry that extra bit of luggage. Panniers racks are made to attach to universal motorcycle storage products including soft bags and roto pax products.
How do you attach a pannier bike rack?
Panniers racks use the sub frams strongest existing mounting points where possible and are generally designed to fit the bike with as little modification as possible.
How do you fit a chain guard?
Fitting an aftermarket chainguard is easy. Most replacement chain guards re-use all factory mounting points. Its a matter of removing the plastic chain guard and replace it with the aftermarket component some basic tools will be required.
What does a bash guard do?
A bash plate provides protection to your engine case and lower frame railes during offroad riding
How do you use Steg PEGZ?
The Steg Pegz allow you to grip and control with your legs not just your arms, Greatly reduced arm pump and fatigue on the long and hard rides.
How do Steg PEGZ fit?
Steg Pegz are easy to fit as they are made for every major brand of dirtbike, and come with the necessary mounting hardware and bolt into already existing holes.
What are Stegs?
Steg Pegz have been specifically designed for dirt bikes to help riding on difficult and Rough Tracks or Trails. the goal of stegpegz is to reducing arm pump and fatigue while giving you more control over the bike by using your legs.
How to install a Bash Plate
Fitting a bash plate is relatively easy and requires only basic tools. The first step if your bikes come with factory bash plate or fairings is to remove those first. Secondly, the aftermarket bash plate will locate in approximately the same position or around the front of the engine and should use factory mounting points, if factory mounting points cant be used, additional mounting components should be supplied. Any other fitting instructions should be included with your purchased product’s.