B&B Off Road Engineering is Australia’s premier choice for custom-made motorcycle and dirt biking products. As a small and dedicated team of enthusiasts, we’re passionate about designing and supplying premium products that enhance every ride. That’s why we put so much time into perfecting our design. 

Whether you’ve been riding for decades or are just starting out, we guarantee you’ll be impressed by the look, strength, and function of our products. This includes our selection of bike rack straps and tie-down braces. Simply put, we only supply products that we’d happily use ourselves. 
Browse our quality bike straps and tie-downs
B&B’s straps are trusted by riders across the country. When you want to keep your gear securely strapped to your motorcycle, you’ll be glad to have our heavy-duty, adjustable ROK straps. These straps are carefully designed to keep coats, roll bags, and more attached to your seat or one of our carry racks. We currently offer abrasion-resistant nylon straps in a variety of colours, lengths, and types, including some with mounting clips and others with hooks.

If you need to load your bike onto a trailer or the back of a ute, we recommend browsing through our collection of tie-down gear. This includes adjustable braces, an aluminium wheel chock, and a 38mm heavy-duty ratchet. With this gear, transporting yourbike has never been easier.
Order reliable straps and tie-downs in Australia
When you place an order with B&B Off Road Engineering, you can rest assured knowing that your products are made using the highest quality materials available. Our inventory of bike tie-down systems, carry racks, and other dirt bike accessories are tough, durable, and designed by professionals. 

We’re proud to be a 100% Australian made, owned, and operated business. All of our products are designed, manufactured, distributed, and handled from our Ballarat factory outside of Melbourne. If you have any questions about our dirt bike tie-down systems, shipping, or anything else, please fill out our enquiry form or call 03 5335 8000. Our excellent customer service team would be happy to help you.

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Rok Straps MC-ATV Adjustable Strap

SKU: ROK-00031

In stock

$ 40.00 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  ROK-00031

Tie Down Brace-adjustable

SKU: Acc-A1-24

Available on backorder

$ 63.80 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  Acc-A1-24

38MM Heavy duty quick release tie down- Twin Pack


Out of stock

$ 49.95 AUD Incl. GST


Wheel Chock

SKU: Acc-A4-27TF

Available on backorder

$ 159.50 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  Acc-A4-27TF

38MM Heavy duty Ratchet tie down- Twin Pack


In stock

$ 48.00 AUD Incl. GST


Anchor/Tie Down Points

SKU: Acc-A9-32

In stock

$ 33.00 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  Acc-A9-32

Tie Down Brace

SKU: Acc-A2-25

Available on backorder

$ 49.50 AUD Incl. GST

SKU:  Acc-A2-25