Love riding rough and have lost many an indicator to your passion? Stop spending money constantly replacing broken indicators or, even worse, paying fines because you didn’t realise your bike wasn’t complying with road regulations anymore. Buy Click ’N’ Ride indicators today!

Discover innovative Click ’N’ Ride indicators for your dirt bike
These ingenious indicators are a truly revolutionary product. Click them in and out in seconds, with no hassle and no tools required. Safely ride on the road, then take them off and store them in your backpack or pockets before you hit the trail. Fully road legal and with powerful LEDs that make them highly visible in any weather conditions, you can now have a safe ride home after the toughest and roughest days.
Click ’N’ Ride indicators for any bike type and brand
Click ’N’ Ride indicators are compatible with most bikes and brands, including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Husaberg, Husqvarna, SWM, Gas Gas and more. The Click ’N’ Ride indicator’s socket is perfectly engineered to fit and connect to the pre-existing wiring and flasher unit all bikes are legally required to have. And if your bike has a globe flasher unit, Click ’N’ Ride has designed and manufactured specific resistors to adapt your bike to their LED product. Affordable and easy to install, these Click ’N’ Ride resistors convert your original globe flasher to an LED by making the blinking rate of your old globe flasher compatible with the new unit.
Buy Click ’N’ Ride indicators online today
At B&B Off Road Engineering, we are proud to design and manufacture a range of customer products and accessories ourselves, but we also find and stock all the best products for dirt bikes on the market. Click ’N’ Ride indicators are innovative and purpose-built for off-road riders — they are a true game-changer. This is why we are proud to stock Click ’N’ Ride indicators and Click ’N’ Ride resistors on our website and are confident you will love them as much as we do. For any questions about the Click ’N’ Ride products, call us on 03 5335 8000 or ask us online.

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CLICKnRIDE Resistors (Pair)

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Light (Rear Left / Front Right)

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Light (Rear Right / Front Left)

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Replacement Socket

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