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The 5 Ultimate Accessories for Your Honda CRF250L Rally

The Honda CRF250L Rally is a magnificent bike: not only because of its stellar, top-notch looks but because it is a bike you can actually afford. At $5700, this dirt bike promises powerful technology without burning a hole in your pocket.

Packed with an electric start, four-stroke and four-valve engine, Double OverHead Cam and a 38 mm throttle body, the CRF250L Rally is a sight to behold. Its sharp looks are bound to grab eyeballs as you ride this beauty down to the sunset.

Even though it has several perks, the Honda CRF250L Rally has its own set of negatives. For one it is not the most lightweight or powerful bike out there. This bike does great on even roads; promising smooth rides.

But the moment you come across something more challenging, this bike may not be your best bet. But there are certain measures you can take to rev up your Honda CRF250L Rally to the bike of your dreams: adding accessories. Here are 5 of the best accessories for your bike:

1. Bash Plate

The high production quality of Honda and the clean finish of the bike means that it is a premium level bike in terms of hardware. But as with every bike, you need to accessorize with a bash plate to provide extra skeletal support and protection. Adding a bash plate means that the internal parts of your bike will be buffered from any damage.

Plus, the CRF250L Rally has average suspension, so it tends to be a little clunky. Adding a bash plate means that your bike will have additional leverage. Not only will a bash plate protect your bike, it will stabilize it! Priced at $225, this bash plate is made from 4mm aluminium for that added support against impact!

2. Tyres

Any adventure biker has their own definition of what the best motorcycle tyre is. If you are just starting out on your biking journey, you should find out what your ideal motorcycle tyre is, based on your motorbike and the kind of motorcycle road trip you will be on.

You can amp up the performance of your CRF250L Rally on road trips by getting 50% Street/50% Dirt tyres, which are great on tarmac roads as well as rugged terrain. Getting hard compound tyres for your CRF250L Rally is a great idea.

Considering that this bike is heavier than most adventure bikes, hard compound tyres will be able to bear additional load. This means that you can travel longer on your motorbiking adventure without having to change your tyres!

3. Carry Rack

A very logistical part of any motorcycle journey is having a place to safely stash all your luggage as your travel. The CRF250L Rally is already weighty, so adding large top boxes as you travel may not be your best choice (not to mention, large carry boxes are not the most attractive thing to have around).

Most of the trips you will take on this bike will be for a few days, so having a lightweight and economical carry rack is the way to go. Getting a rear carry rack will mean that your bags are secure, and extends your carrying capacity. Made with 4mm aluminium, you can be sure that it will not suffer any damage in the riskiest of tailspins!

4. Chain Guide

If you love the wind in your hair, the world blazing past, as your speedometer mounts, you need a lower chain guide for your CRF250L Rally. The bike in itself is not the fastest or speediest bike around, but as a dirt motorcyclist, you will often be riding high speeds in rough terrain.

To have your chain fall out, get worn out, or get damaged on the road will cut your trip unduly short. Not to mention, with extended use, your motorbike chain will need to constantly be replaced. Adding a chain guide means that your bike chain will be protected from the elements and will last longer.

Not only is a chain guide much more economical, it also means that you can optimally use your chain!

5. Radiator Guard

Another accessory that you should definitely watch out for to protect your CRF250L Rally is a radiator guard. In your bike, your radiator is likely to get damaged by stray pieces of rock or debris. Usually, the impact can easily damage this part and replacing it is quite expensive.

You canu2019t hit the road less travelled in a dirt bike without adding some protection from a radiator guard. A combination of alloy and aluminium means that your bike radiator is protected from every direction: right from debris to unforeseen accidents. Plus, you can easily install your own radiator guard!

For a very long time, owning a dirt bike and going on adventures was the sole domain of the wealthy. With low-priced but high-ranking rides like the Honda CRF250L Rally, more people can access the thrill of the road.

By investing in accessories, not only do you protect and enhance the beauty of your bike; you end up ensuring that your CRF250L Rally experiences last you a lifetime.