Radiator Guards - Sherco 450 SEF/SEF-R, 300 SE-R 2 Stroke & 300 SEF/SEF-R 2019-2021


Some items will not be in stock and need to be manufactured please allow 1 to 2 weeks

  • Model: 250/300 SE-R Racing model 2 stroke Year: 2019-2022
  • Model: 300 SE Factory model 2 stroke Year: 2019-2022
  • Model: 300 SEF Factory model 4 stroke Year: 2019-2021
  • Model: 450/500 SEF & SEF-R Racing & Factory model 4 stroke Year: 2019-2021
  • 3-dimensional louvered front panel for maximum airflow
  • Tube cross bracing for added radiator crush protection & 4mm thick rear support bracing
  • Fits with or without thermo fan

Please note Radiator guards are made to order and will take at least  2 - 4 WEEKS to make and ship.

In stock

B&B Off Road Engineering provides the most advanced radiator protection system available.


1. Maximum side and front impact protection - Using a combination of CNC machined 6000 series 3-dimensional aluminium extrusion and 5000 series alloy plate we have created a system to protect your radiators from virtually every direction.

2. Maximum roost and debris protection - Due to the angle fin design in our radiator guards there is very little of the radiator core and veins that are directly exposed to roost, debris and trail side sticks.

3. Maximum airflow - B & B Off Roads unique aluminium front louver panel constructed from high strength extrusion allows 3-dimensional fins to be incorporated into the design to mimic the airflow characteristics of the genuine plastic radiator fins.

4. Removable finned louver panel- Front panel only requires a few bolts to be loosened to allow for easy removal for cleaning of the radiator

5. Integrated modular construction - Three piece modular construction allows for greater design flexibility eliminating the compromises inherent with one piece designs.

6. Easy fitment no mods required - Radiator guards can be fitted in approx ½ hour using basic tools.

7. All parts available individually - If you damage any part of the radiator guards our design allows you to purchase only what you require.

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Brand Sherco
MODEL 250/300 SEF-R 4 stroke, 250/300 SEF Factory 4 stroke, 250/300 SE-R 2 stroke, 450 SEF-R 4 stroke, 450 SEF Factory 4 Stroke
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