Trending Dirt Bikes and Motorcycle Accessories in Sydney This Year

Summer is rolling around again and there are plenty of people who are looking forward to getting on a dirt bike and hitting the trails! Are you looking for the best motorbikes for sales Sydney offers? Or some of the best models on the market that will revive your zest for the dirt road? There’s no place like Sydney to inspire your ride and offer plenty of great, nearby destinations!

Before you head off for some of the adventures the summertime offers, get out for some of the best dirt bikes Sydney offers. Let us be your guide to the beginning of many great thrill rides!
The streets of Sydney might be full of excitement for the avid motorcycle rider. But, if you’re raring to get out on your dirt bike, there are plenty of destinations in the area! Enjoy all the trails and tracks to choose from at the following parks and complexes.

  • Pacific Park – Situated alongside the Hawkesbury River, this area offers plenty of thrills outside of the city of Sydney. If you’re not big on time and just want to head out for an afternoon, South Maroota Park is only 64 kilometres away.
  • Tugalong Recreation Park – If you’re looking for some dirt bike riding in the great outdoors, this destination approximately 2 hours from Sydney should be your go to. There are a variety of motocross tracks and trails to choose from that will keep your wheels buzzing all afternoon.
  • Lochmaree – The Blue Mountains are one of New South Wales most popular destinations just 2.5 hours from the city. And, luckily for the avid rider, this track is situated along their Southern Rim for the ultimate Australian dirt bike experience. Lochmaree offers 2300 acres of enduro trails, a 2-kilometer MX track and a cross track for families and single riders to enjoy.
  • Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex – This track is nearly 3 hours from the city of Sydney, but it’s one of the most impressive destinations in all of Australia. There are enduro, peewee and motocross tracks stretched out across its 10,000 acres of property.

Can you drive a dirt bike on the road?

If you have the kind of dirt bike that can be registered, then you’re good to ride on any road. But if that’s not the case, the answer can be a little more complicated. While some adventure and dual sport bikes may be geared towards road conditions, it depends on how much they’ve been modified. Enduro bikes are designed for natural terrain and long stretches, but they can be registered and function as a high-performance vehicle. Trail bikes can easily be taken on the road with a few customizations here and there. If you’ve got a motocross, mini bike or ATV, these cannot be registered or driven on the main routes.

What kind of dirt bikes are there?

There are a few limitations when it comes to finding the ideal dirt bike in Sydney. You may want to start with one of the following manufacturers if you’re looking for the kind of ride that will keep on giving:

  • Yamaha – The WR450F is one of Australia’s favorite dirt bikes, and that makes Yamaha one of the best manufacturers’s to buy motorbike Sydney! Fortunately, they also have the PW50 and the YZ50F that’s enabled them to further dominate the market.
  • Honda – The CRF450R was recently updated, and it’s become one of the country’s best selling bikes in recent years! Honda also has a lot of other bikes out there that appeal to riders of all stripes including the CRF50F and the CRF230F. You may even want to deck it out in some Sydney motorcycle accessories from a local store!
  • KTM – It’s nearly a flip between KTM and Honda for second place. The 500 EXC is another dirt bike that’s popular when it comes to getting out on the trails for some fun. And, KTM’s 300EXC isn’t far behind when it comes to high-performance bikes that can really move.

Few places offer the vast spaces that Australia does when it comes to dirt biking. Luckily, if you’re located close to the city, the dirt bikes for sale Sydney offers will get you on the tracks and trails soon! When it comes to dirt bike shops Sydney has plenty to choose from, and there are also plenty of motorcycles accessories Sydney offers too. Get ready to hit the trails on your Yamaha or KTM for some adventurous fun in New South Wales!