Light (Rear Right / Front Left)

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Stay Safe. Stay Legal. Stop Breaking Blinkers! CLICKnRIDE® removable turn indicators. Simply click them in and out in seconds and start enjoying a hassle-free ride. Too easy! Quick Release Turn Indicators- No tools – simply click them out by hand in seconds and store them safely in your backpack while you go off road.
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Click'n'Ride Rear Right/ Front Left - Quick Release Indicator Light (SKU - 4205-R-1) CLICKnRIDE® replacement light Rear Right/ Front Left. Spare or replacement light only. NOTE: Resistors and storage pouch sold separately. Please see RGR0003 for pair of resistors. Click'n'ride products are E-Marked IMPORTANT SOCKET INSTALLATION To ensure the socket is correctly installed on your bike, add/remove the included plastic spacers so the notch on the nut ends up flush with the top of the thread of the socket. If required, reduce the thickness of your bike’s plastics with hi-grit sandpaper or dremmel tool (work from the inside of the plastic). To complete socket installation: 1. align moisture guard, apply thread lock and screw nut on finger-tight. 2. Insert the light into the socket and holding the light in the correct forward or rear facing position, hand-tighten the socket. NOTE: OVER TIGHTENING THE NUT MAY DAMAGE THE SOCKET. If you experience any problems as a result of over-tightening the nut please contact B&B Off-Road PH: (03) 5335 8000. Or
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SKU 4205-R-1
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