Frequently asked questions to learn before contacting support.

Why haven't I received an order confirmation email?

Occasionally, internet connection or browser issues can prevent the checkout process from completing successfully. In most cases the confirmation email has been moved to your spam/junk folder. If you confirmation email is nowhere to be found please call us direct to confirm if your order was processed correctly.

Where can I find the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery will be calculated at the checkout page.

International distributors

Though your item may not be in stock, if prefered you can place an order from one of the sellers listed.

What is PPA coating?

Plascoat PPA 571 will outlast most if not all traditional powder coating. PPA coating will provide long-term protection for metal against demanding climates.Plascoat is among the most versatile and durable coatings available in today's market. It has superior resistance to salt, sea, sand and sun If you would like more information on the PPA coating please go to Please Note- The finish of the PPA coating has an orange peel look to it. 

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