Kawasaki Motorcycles : 6 Things We Bet You Didn’t Known

The choice of your next motorcycle mostly comes from your experience with the brand. It doesn’t have to be your own experiences; you can pick some points from your friends. One of the trendiest brands that nearly everyone is talking about is Kawasaki Motorcycles.

One thing that has kept the brand through its plants like Kawasaki Motorcycles Australia going is their high quality and innovation. The Japanese company’s designers and engineers make sure that each new model, design, and generation of their bike incorporates the very best that meets the consumer’s expectations. In this respect, Kawasaki has become synonymous with excellence.

But what most people don’t know is that Kawasaki has come a long way to the reputable brand it is today. There are some interesting facts you will find out here for the first time that will amaze you about this manufacturer. So, let’s take a look a roundup of the top 6 things that you don’t know about Kawasaki Bikes.

Fact- 1: The First Headquarters Was an Old Meat Warehouse in Chicago

Yes, you heard it right. Its first headquarters was in an old meat warehouse. Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp. started in America with a humble beginning after establishing its presence in 1966. When the team in America were starting operations, their focus was on making their dreams come true. They didn’t focus on anything fancy to minimise the overhead costs and channel their finances in the production of bikes. The company was the first foreign motorcycle company to start its operations in the U.S. Kawasaki took the lead in a foreign land to become one of the top-ranking bike producers.

Fact- 2: Kawasaki Sold Its First Bikes Under Omega Motorcycles Brand Name

As part of their marketing strategy, the first bikes made in America retailed with a brand name ‘Omega’. However, the market response for their first bikes was not great. Taking the criticism positively, the company became more innovative resulting in the production of the Samurai and Avenger models. The high performance of these new models met the American riders demand which led to more success than their predecessors. Their decision to sell these new models under ‘Kawasaki’ brand was crucial to establish their name in the US market.

Fact- 3: Kawasaki Gained International Recognition In 1969

3 year after launching in the U.S. Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp produced the Mach III 500cc two-stroke triple. This invention was a game-changer in terms of performance resulting in international approval and acknowledgement. The release was a turning point to the brand since before then, the company’s image and following in the public was not great. To cement the trust with their customers, they released a powerful four-cylinder motorcycle, 1973 900cc Zi. With this new launch, the brand became a powerful force attracting attention in the motorcycle industry. With wide acceptance, they developed a distribution network and became successful in partnering with various dealers.


Kawasaki is synonymous with quality bikes. However, what you don’t know is that the brand produces other machines as well. The company is made up of tech-savvy designers and engineers ready to take production to great heights. Apart from the creation of several incredible motorcycles, they also produce electronics, ships, trains, watercraft, construction equipment, helicopters, tractors, missiles, space rockets, and jet engines.

The company diversified its productions in the 1980s. Its ATVs and Jet Ski watercraft in the US enjoyed enormous success. However, expanding to producing other machines to meet the market demands didn’t mean compromising the quality of their motorcycles

Fact- 5: What are the Popular Kawasaki Model?


In a bid to come up with a super powerful street-legal bike that meets the requirements of most riders, Kawasaki invented the Ninja H2, which is their flagship model. The extraordinary road bike falls under the category of a supercharged Supersport. The bike comes with a variable speed centrifugal supercharger which can generate over 300 horsepower going over 200 miles per hour. It is one of the bikes with high performance designed with several desirable features like the suspension design and superior chassis.

The Ninja H2 broke the record upon its release by becoming the first bike to use a supercharger with four valves, 998cc incline 4, and a dual cam engine. Being a revolutionary motorcycle, it is the Ninja H2 comes fitted with several electronic aids that enhance its performance. Most of the parts of this top-rated bike are from carbon fibre.

Fact- 6: Unique Supply Chain

Kawasaki has a unique way of supplying their bike components and spares. The company has come up with some very brilliant method to help cut down their warehousing costs. Besides, they don’t want to see too many parts, accessories and components accumulating in their warehouses like with many of their competitors.

Kawasaki Australia operates on a supply mechanism dubbed “just in time”. They build specific accessories on special presses within their assembly lines. This helps to avoid the occurrence of excessive inventory or shortages of parts, thus leading to a highly efficient manufacturing process that targets to keep costs as low as possible.


Kawasaki Motorcycles are among the best bikes that any bike lover should consider getting. They come with great designs, and the parts are durable. No one wants to keep spending on their bike once they buy them. This is why it’s important to get it right for the first time. If you are a fan of Kawasaki bikes, then you probably didn’t know any of these top 6 things. Well, now you know why it a reputable company across the world.